Key points

  1. Failure is not always the end.
  2. Every significant dream, goal, ambition and target harbours the potential for failure.
  3. Learning from past mistakes prepares for future achievements.
  4. Accepting failure is essential for further growth and development.
  5. Persistence is the key to success.

We all have good and bad times in life, and there are times when nothing seems to go well for us. We all also go through times when we fail to achieve our goals and find it hard to cope. Failures are disheartening and painful experiences. It is always better to acknowledge the pain and accept the failure, as it can be a learning experience and provide great insights to plan our actions further.


Indian man worried about failure


When failure strikes us, we need to analyse our goals and efforts. Losses can occur for many reasons. Some common mistakes we make during our preparation to reach the goals are

Lack of Well Defined goals

When the goals and proposals are not well defined, there is a high chance that our efforts will fail. It is important to have well-defined goals we are trying to achieve. 

Lack of Self-Discipline and Regulation

Lack of discipline is a significant reason for failure, as success needs constant and persistent work towards the goal.

Lack Of Persistence

Leaving to work towards the goals and aims after every setback and obstacle hinders progress towards goals. Constantly working towards the dream even after every fall increases the chances of winning.

Physical and Mental Health Issues

A healthy body and healthy mind are necessary to make progress. Maintaining good health is a necessity to achieve success.

Insufficient knowledge and education

It is vital to have accurate information and knowledge about the targets and goals to plan properly towards achieving them. A lack of knowledge and information can waste efforts, culminating in failure.

Lack of Ambition

Ambitions makes us dream big and help us to work persistently and hard toward achieving them. Lack of ambition keeps us in our comfort zone and hinders our growth and success.


Procrastination is one of the significant causes of failure. Waiting for the right time to start or delaying the efforts to achieve the desired goal is the biggest hindrance to success. So, instead of waiting or delaying, begin right now towards the desired goal.


Fear can lead to failure. There can be fear of many things like criticism, poverty, jealousy, illnesses, old age and death. These fears reduce motivation and strength and lead to failure.

Conflictual family environment

A broken, unhappy and conflictual family environment negatively affects growth and development. It will lead to deterioration in performance and failure in life.

Failure to learn from past mistakes

We all make mistakes and fail. Learning from past mistakes helps us understand and correct our efforts’ faults.


Failures are a blessing in disguise, and they are great learning experiences. A failure allows you to grow, and it will enable you to achieve something more significant than your current capacity.

Someone has said 

“If you think small, you will get success; you will be a success. If you think very big, you are bound to be a failure. But it is good, and it is a good failure. ” 


So when you fail, don’t despair; instead, feel happy. Take pride in the fact that you dared to dream and achieve something more significant and extensive than you, which is a brave act that must be saluted. Salute the bold in you and train harder. Train better.



There are ways to look at the failures and deal with them. We need to enhance our resilience and coping skills during adverse situations, and better coping skills lead to better outcomes. Here are some ways to handle difficult life situations and failures.

Improve your techniques. Try different approaches. 

  1. When the best isn’t good enough– Sometimes, after pouring sweat, tears and blood into something, failure ensues—good needs to be transformed into the better and the best.
  1. Acceptance is the key – Don’t waste your time regretting and pondering over the failures; instead, accept your losses and consider them a learning experience.
  1. Assess yourself– Access your tasks and yourself in all dimensions to discover what you were overlooking and miscalculating. Find out what was lacking in your efforts. And above all, introspect and improve yourself.
  1. Feel proud of your efforts– Always pat yourself on your shoulder and treat yourself well after your wholehearted efforts to reach your goals, despite the result, whether favourable or unfavourable.
  1. Be an intelligent learner– Don’t just work hard; work smartly towards your goal.
  1. Always look forward with acknowledgement of past mistakes– Don’t just be static after a setback; instead, analyse and move on.
  1. Don’t give up- Never give up on your dreams to accomplish after a fall; get up and continue to walk, even if at a slow pace.
  1. Keep dreaming– Keep dreaming big dreams and never lower your confidence in dreaming big. As is an old saying- keep shooting for the sky, and you will land up to stars.
  1. Innovation and improvisation are the keys to success– Keep innovating and improvising. Find new ways to improve yourself. 
  1. You are much beyond the boundaries of successes and failures– Never measure yourself within the limits of achievements and failures. Your life and its purpose are infinite and way beyond any limits.

Don’t get disheartened if you fail. Accept it. Rise and shine again. Every failure will become successful if you persistently keep working for it. Failures and setbacks may impact your physical and mental health and well-being. If you are too overwhelmed by your inability and find yourself unable to cope with it, take the help of an expert to understand and deal with it better.  

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