Mania is a period of extremely high energy or mood.  It is a serious mental illness that may cause somebody to be very excited or violent. A person in a manic state is unusually cheerful, overactive, boastful, and making big plans with a reduced need for sleep. 

A manic patient could cause serious problems in their relationships, work, and school. State of Mania illness is a serious change from the way a person normally thinks/behaves, and it can last for weeks, even months or more. Medications and therapy are essential for its treatment.

Causes of Mania Disorder

Scientists are yet not completely sure what causes mania disorder. But, there are many factors that are thought to contribute. The causes of Mania differ from person to person. They may include: 

  • Family history. If a member of your family is with bipolar illness, you have a chance of developing mania. Though, this isn’t definite though. You may never develop mania even if other family members have this illness.
  • A chemical imbalance in the brain.
  • A side effect of a medication (like antidepressants), alcohol or recreational drugs.
  • A serious change in your life, such as a divorce, house move or death of a loved one.
  • Painful life situations, such as trauma or abuse, or problems with housing, money or loneliness.
  • A high level of stress and unable to manage it.
  • Changes in sleep pattern or a lack of sleep.
  • As a side effect of mental health problems such as seasonal affective disorder, postpartum psychosis, schizoaffective disorder or other physical or neurologic condition such as brain injury, brain tumours, stroke, dementia, lupus or encephalitis.

If case you are having a mental health issue, make an appointment to see your mental health professional at the earliest. If you’re hesitant to seek treatment, talk to a friend or dear one, or someone else you trust.

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