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Divyansh Neuropsychiatry Centre in Ashiananagar, Patna

Located at a prime location in Patna, Divyansh Neuropsychiatry Centre , offers a wide range of mental health services under single roof. We offer best treatment and management plan for a wide range of mental health related ailments like Anxiety Disorders, Panic Disorders, Phobias, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCD), Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Schizophrenias, Personality Disorders, Mood Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Impulse Control Disorders, Mental and behavioural disorders due to use of or addiction to psychoactive substances like alcohol, drugs etc. All options available in offline as well as tele-consultation and /or Online mode.

Our tag line Healing minds …. Creating hope….. Improving Life…… says it all . People affected by mental health issues undergo a lot of hardship and suffering . Anguished and devoid of hope they shut themselves and do not interact and participate in social and economic activities . At this juncture clouds of isolation, despair and hopelessness descend and engulf them and those around them. Blooming lives wither away …

Driven by empathy and with the sole aim of compassionate and comprehensive care Divyansh Neuropsychiatry Centre strives to bring about a change. A visit to the centre itself is very uplifting. The moment you step in or interact with us, change starts and the healing process begins. The whole campus is very welcoming, bright and warm. A pleasant and soothing reception area provides assurance and confidence. The staff and attendants here are well informed, very cordial, professional and always eager to assist.

Divyansh Neuropsychiatry Centre, takes mental health care to altogether a new level. Our expert team helmed by Dr. Archana Singh (MBBS, MD psychiatry, DPM- CIP Kanke, Ranchi) is a compassion driven unit whose sole aim is to deliver best psychiatric services with patient care and well being as prime focus.

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Dr. Archana Singh

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Dr. Archana Singh

Dr. Archana Singh , ( MBBS,MD , DPM (CIP, Kanke -Ranchi ), Neuropsychiatrist, our founder and a visionary who truly believes in a unique handholding concept of patient care and welfare. In her opinion, a human being is sum total of his/her experiences. Surrounding environment play a major role in mental development of a person. Mental illness cannot be viewed and analysed in isolation. Each interaction is a transaction which affects our mental and psychological development . Some of them are benign and some are life altering.

Its this very core belief that guides her in interaction with patients during examination and evaluation to find out the real underlying problem. She is skilled at developmental history taking and makes sure you are heard. At Divyansh Neuropsychiatry Centre WE LISTEN. She makes sure that patients are able to describe their problem and clearly state their expectation. With their expectation in mind, her expertise, experience and outcomes of examination and evaluation patient treatment and management plan are formulated.

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About bg


Ms. Jaya Bhardwaj,  Divyansh Neuropsychiatry Centre

Ms. Jaya Bhardwaj ,
(PG – Disability Rehabilitation Development, PG Diploma – Development Therapy )

  • 10+ years of experience as Physical/Developmental Therapist (PT/DT) with leading NGOs.
  • Post‐graduate in Disability Rehabilitation Administration.
  • Extensive experience in Early Intervention of Children with Developmental Disabilities.
  • Authorized Developmental Assessment Scales for Indian Infants (DASII) tester.
  • Extensive training & exposure in the field of Community‐Based Rehabilitation (CBR).
About background

Ms Jaya Bhardwaj is an expert in the rehabilitation and development of children with various disabilities. Her skills involve growth assessment of children on multiple fronts and formulation of customised plans for development and advancement. Evaluations include assessment of cognitive functions, gross and fine motor skills, social‐emotional skills and behaviour, language and communication skills. Each custom-made plan proposes corrective steps with a suitable approach and is carefully designed and implemented using innovative learning methodologies.

Our Mission

Adopt and maintain highest standards of services, governance to emerge as a leading knowledge and technology driven, innovative and scalable global development organisation.

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Provide best services and work as a catalyst in bringing vibal change in the lives of Patient suffering from various Psychiatry illness.


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